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Atlantic Growth Strategy Innovation Subcommittee releases final report

Atlantic Growth Strategy Innovation Subcommittee releases final report


Members of the Atlantic Growth Strategy Innovation Subcommittee release findings after a comprehensive study and listening tour across all four Atlantic provinces.

May 15, 2017 – Ottawa, Ontario

Members of the Atlantic Growth Strategy (AGS) Innovation Subcommittee, Matt DeCourcey (Chair) (Fredericton), Sean Casey (Charlottetown), Andy Fillmore (Halifax), and Nick Whalen (St. John’s East) released their final report, A Faster, More Agile and Certain Atlantic Canada, today in the Charles Lynch Room, Centre Block. This report follows a comprehensive study and listening tour, which solicited input from stakeholders across all four Atlantic provinces.

The mandate of the Subcommittee was to propose meaningful and measurable action in the form of pilot programming or projects, and to recommend changes to existing programs, in both rural and urban areas, with the goal of fostering economic growth in connection with the Innovation pillar of the AGS.

The Subcommittee’s report has been presented and discussed at Atlantic Caucus and will now be shared with the AGS Leadership Committee, while also being released to the public.

The Government of Canada has been collaborating with provincial governments in Atlantic Canada to foster greater business innovation by supporting the scaling up of small firms, technology transfer, the commercialization of research, and the generation of breakthrough ideas in areas such as bioscience, aquaculture, ocean technology and renewable energy while spurring value-added opportunities in established industries.

The Subcommittee believes in the capacity that exists in the technology sectors of the Atlantic region, and that government should continue to play an important role in fostering the organic growth of these sectors – particularly in the oceans, biotechnology, smart grid and other high tech sectors. It is the view of the Subcommittee that programming should be expanded in a way that complements, rather than jeopardizes, existing programs. The Subcommittee makes these recommendations in light of the need to commit further departmental resources to each recommendation in order to evaluate best means of implementation, respectively.


Quick Facts

  • The Atlantic Growth Strategy is intended to drive economic development in Atlantic Canada by delivering concrete and measurable results in the five priority areas identified by federal ministers and Atlantic premiers.
  • Public reporting on results will begin with a report, including benchmarking, to be issued publicly in July 2017. A second report will be issued in July 2018.
  • In the interim, regular public announcements will be made as joint areas of action are completed.
  • The Leadership Committee will next meet in summer 2017.
  • Learn more at Atlantic Growth Strategy



“By working together, Atlantic Canada has proven capable of transforming our shared challenges into shared opportunities. I am encouraged by the ideas and discussions heard throughout our listening tour, and I look forward to the leadership our region will continue to show in building an innovative and inclusive Canada.”

— Matt DeCourcey, Member of Parliament for Fredericton


Atlantic Canada’s innovators have the drive, expertise, and ingenuity to be global leaders in the emerging industries of tomorrow. If the federal government wants to support the potential of our innovators, we need to listen to them when they tell us what government programs are working well and what ones are holding them back. We must respect their experience and heed their advice to improve our chances of executing on the intent of the Atlantic Growth Strategy.”

— Andy Fillmore, Member of Parliament for Halifax


“I am pleased to see our government is listening to Atlantic Canada and to Atlantic Canadians. This report will serve as the basis for improving our innovation ecosystem here in Atlantic Canada, and that is key to ensuring a thriving region. All provinces would benefit from the recommendations contained within our report.”

— Sean Casey, Member of Parliament for Charlottetown


“Our innovators have the talent to excel in global markets; so we listened to them on how to improve government programs to best foster their excellence.”

— Nick Whalen, Member of Parliament for St. John’s East


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