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Fredericton’s age-friendly and volunteer committees receive funding under New Horizons for Seniors Program

News Release

Fredericton, NB (March 31, 2017) – The City of Fredericton’s Age-Friendly Community Advisory Committee and Volunteer Greater Fredericton (VGF) have received $24,800 in funding under the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program for a unique collaboration called the “Prime Time Volunteer Project.”

The goal of the project is to increase the rate of volunteerism among boomers and seniors in Greater Fredericton.  The focus will be on recruiting talented boomers and seniors to support agencies and non-profits working deliver valuable services aimed at enhancing the quality of life in the community.

The following milestones apply to the project:

  1. Organize a training workshop in June 2017 for non-profits to improve the ability of agencies and non-profit organizations to attract, place, motivate and retain boomer and senior volunteers, with support from Volunteer Canada;
  2. Host a Prime Time Volunteer Orientation Workshop and Recruitment Fair for boomers and seniors in October 2017;
  3. Create an on-line matching platform on the VGF website to facilitate volunteer placements tailored for Prime Time Volunteers, 24/7; (led by VGF)
  4. Support one-on-one coaching and matching services over 12 months; ( managed by VGF), and
  5. Provide financial support to cover the costs of vulnerable sector security checks, when needed.


“The Government of Canada is dedicated to ensuring that seniors can get involved in community activities that meet their needs and interests, tap their collective resources and experiences, and promote their participation. We support New Horizons for Seniors Program projects like this one here in Fredericton so that seniors across Canada can lead and participate in local activities beneficial to many.”Matt DeCourceyMember of Parliament for Fredericton

“Through this initiative we hope to further enhance our vibrant community and encourage active and engaged citizens of all ages.”
-Coun. Eric Megarity, City of Fredericton and Chair of the City’s Age-Friendly Community Advisory Committee.


Boomers and seniors possess many skills, extensive experience and a wealth of personal connections.  Many are looking for opportunities to share their talents in a way that will most benefit their community, while others are looking for ways to build new friendships and social connections.

Research conducted by Volunteer Canada indicates that becoming engaged as a volunteer can improve a person’s physical, emotional and cognitive health; reduce social isolation and feelings of insecurity; and increase social inclusion, social support and civic engagement.

At a time when the overall numbers of boomers and seniors living in our community is on the rise, it is more important than ever to ensure their active engagement in on–going civic decision making and community building. Fredericton Age-Friendly Community Advisory Committee appreciates the support of the City of Fredericton, Councillor Eric Megarity and city staff for the implementation and oversight of this project and Susanne White, Volunteer Greater Fredericton, for the vision.


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