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Canada 150 Community Leader Nominations



In this year of 2017, the Government of Canada marks the 150th anniversary of Confederation with a year-long celebration from coast to coast to coast. Canada 150 will support the renewal of community infrastructure as well as a broad range of events and activities that will highlight four pillars of the Canadian identity:

  1. Diversity and Inclusion
  2. Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples
  3. Youth Engagement and Leadership
  4. Environmental Stewardship

As part of these special commemorations, and to celebrate our own community, Member of Parliament for Fredericton Matt DeCourcey will be awarding twenty (20) limited edition Sesquicentennial Pins to recognize local community members who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and made significant contributions to one or more of the four pillars.

Selection Committee

A selection committee has been put together consisting of the following individuals, each in their own right leading members of the community.

Joan Kenny –  A driving force behind many fundraising initiatives for myriad organizations and institutions, including St. Thomas University, and developing a fiscally responsible and feasible plan for the construction of Liberty Lane’s Kenny House, as well as serving on many boards, our community has been well served by Joan’s leadership in promoting philanthropic activity.  As Chair of this Canada 150 Fredericton Community Leader Selection Committee, Joan is a prime example of giving back to, and celebrating, her community.

John Wood – Diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at the young age of four, John knows what it is like to face challenges.  As his condition deteriorated over the years, each day presented new obstacles. With his passion, drive, and perseverance, John is known as a community leader and an inspiration to many.  He formed the John Wood Foundation that has raised thousands of dollars to assist others living with disabilities.  

Lois Corbett – Lois is Executive Director of the Conservation Council of New Brunswick, the province’s leading public advocate for environmental protection. One of Canada’s most prominent environmentalists with more than 30 years’ experience, Lois previously served as Senior Policy Advisor at Environment Ontario, Executive Director at the Toronto Environmental Alliance, and established her own environmental consulting practice in Toronto before returning to her native New Brunswick in 2014 to lead the Conservation Council.

Naz Ali – Well-known in the music business, with his career set in motion while living in the Caribbean working with established artists within that industry, Naz moved to Fredericton to attend UNB where as part of his studies, developed a business plan to open an ethnic restaurant in Fredericton, thus Caribbean Flavas was born.  His entrepreneurial spirit, whether in music or the restaurant business, has opened the door for many opportunities for which he is forever grateful, particularly his recent nomination as one of Canada’s most recognized immigrant entrepreneurs.

This talented Selection Committee will be tasked with identifying from all nominations, 20 deserving recipients whom the community can celebrate together for Canada 150.

*Bullet descriptors are merely examples of nominee contributions

1) Diversity and Inclusion

2) Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples

3) Youth Engagement and Leadership

4) Environmental Stewardship

Thank you sincerely to all for your participation. This is our community’s way of celebrating each other as we continue to watch the riding of Fredericton and its leaders thrive for the next 150 years and beyond.  

Matt DeCourcey, MP