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Fredericton Youth Council


Application process:
The application period will begin on August 25th, 2018. Interested applicants will submit their application package by Sunday, September 16th, 2018 at 12am AST. To apply, youth are asked to submit i) a copy of their CV or Resumé (2 page max.); and ii) a cover letter (1 page max.) OR video submission (max 2 minutes) to

Cover letters or video submissions should i) outline the applicant’s interest in joining the FCYC; ii) include an explanation of why they believe they are a strong candidate; iii) include a brief summary of their passions; and iv) provide any additional information they believe to be relevant to their application package.

The Fredericton Constituency Youth Council, launched in Summer 2016, is an initiative that I’m excited to be a part of. The Council is composed of 18 young people aged between 14 and 24 years old. Members are assigned to one of three groups and are tasked with selecting a public policy issue of their choice in order to prepare an annual project within our community. Projects may range from reports, to art exhibits or anything in between. The choice is left to the youth to come up with a creative way to address and develop recommendations for issues that matter to them.

The Youth Council members will meet on a monthly basis and take part in professional development workshops throughout their mandate that will provide them with transferable skills for their futures as well as prepare them for their end of year public dialogue presentations. At the end of each meeting, the group will have the opportunity to discuss important issues that matter to them, to our community and our country. Following the example of our Prime Minister and Minister of Youth, Justin Trudeau, the feedback gathered in our discussions will be used to understand the perspective of youth in the decisions the federal government makes.

Outside monthly FCYC meetings, taskforces are expected to meet with their individual groups and assigned community mentors to prepare their individual projects.

Youth who are selected for the council will also learn about the Canadian political process, different issue areas under federal jurisdiction, gain valuable leadership skills and earn volunteer hours. Each member will also earn a certificate at the end of the Youth Council term, which will run roughly from September to May.

For more information and to follow the work of this year’s team, visit:

I look forward to hearing from you.





FCYC Schedule [Dates Subject to Change]*:

1st Meeting: September 29th, 2018
2nd Meeting: October 13th, 2018
3rd Meeting: November 17th, 2018
4th Meeting: January 26th, 2019
Community Activity: February 23rd, 2019
5th Meeting: March 16th, 2019
Networking Event/Public Dialogue: April 6th, 2019
*not all FCYC events are listed in this schedule